Debris Netting and Scaffold Netting

Why Scaffold Debris Netting?

Where there is a risk of objects falling from height, such as from scaffolding, the law requires that that risk is controlled and managed. Especially when there is a risk of harm to people. Moreover, protecting people working in areas where there is a risk of falling objects is a requirement of the law. Hence duty holders and employers must control work at height. Consequently, debris netting can help you to control the risk and in some cases reduce that risk to acceptable levels. 

Our debris netting systems can be installed standalone as light debris retention or incorporated into a safety net system. Consequently, the debris net becomes far more robust as it is supported by the safety net. Subsequently, our debris net systems can retain much larger and heavier objects than standard debris mesh can. However, where used as fall arrest for operatives working at height, debris should be prevented from collecting in the net. Reason being, the debris will create a hazard for anybody who may fall onto it.


Debris Net System

Benefits of debris netting

  • Protects site personnel, traffic and property from falling tools and debris
  • Different mesh sizes
  • Available in different lengths and widths
  • Available in fire retardant material
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install

Applications for debris nets

  • Protection on construction sites
  • Creates a protective scaffolding enclosure
  • Provides a wind and shade barrier
  • Forms a visual barrier for privacy

We offer a range of debris netting which is available for sale or hire. For Sales, hire or more information. Call 01606 834 630 or Contact us.



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